Analysis Ready Location Intelligence 

Direct access to complex geospatial information

Take your services to the next level

  • Our suite of REST APIs provide you with analysis ready data
  • Give your application development a boost with data delivered in industry standard formats
  • Reduce development time for geospatial data integration and analysis based on our data fabric architecture
  • Test our interfaces to existing open data lakes and derived information products.


API catalogue

Geospatial API Catalogue
Tired of searching and downloading too much data or working with slow web services?
Check out our current catalogue and get access to our API endpoints quickly. We are continuously adding new information products by region and theme based on customer requirements. 
Drop us an E-mail and let us know what you are looking for. 

Hosting your Data
Do you own data that you want share with developers next door and around the world? We can bring your data to a wider audience and help you profit from the data economy by offering the ability to host your data on our infrastructure.
Our team will co-develop with you the wanted APIs offering end-to-end services including user management and payments. 

Hosted service

Our team of IT and domain experts can work with you to help understand the best way to bring your valuable data assets to the masses. Working together, we can help you understand the value of your data assets, co-design useful interfaces and even develop algorithms to maximise the value of your content.
We can help with the necessary tools and guidelines to successfully commercialise your data assets. 



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